Partially inspired by the Brown Residence, designed by Lake|Flato Architects, Desert is essentially a series of moments formed by a number of convoluted pathways. It basically means the inhabitant of this house will “never know what’s around the corner.” The hallways leading to the main entrance and the bedroom both turn 90 degrees, obstructing the view entirely. Paths like these can either disconnect rooms from others (separating the feel of a workroom from a place of rest) or create a unique experience (entering the house is…different). The living/dining room features a high ceiling, which opens up the space for easier relaxation (though no one does that in Minecraft).

The things I borrowed were the desert-setting, large overhangs providing shade, and the suspension of solid materials between panes of glass. This house is built mostly out of wood, so be sure to experiment with different colors to achieve the best effect. I would suggest darker wood for walls, lighter wood for floors, and a medium tone for the thin roofing. There are also walls suspended upon sticks, which can either be a piston or a fence post. The left-most portion of the house features sandstone walls. The exterior pathways are made of stone. Use paintings intelligently.

Also the first time there’s an enchanting room.

Height: 5.5 blocks
Width: 25(+2) blocks
Length: 28(+4) blocks
Accommodations: Bed/Workbench/Furnace/Storage/Enchanting

As always, message me if you have questions or want more specific details.

Also, -other work

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