Mending Wall - by BNV Architecture

This building has all the qualities of a modern house: Mending Wall features orthogonal faces and edges, a dense mass supported by light stilts, and is smack-dab in the middle of nowhere. It seems like the staple of most modern houses; after the invention of steel and the beginnings of Miesian architecture, people wanted more volume, more space, and less obstructive designs. Perhaps they wanted the feeling of power, the dance with death, living dangerously beneath the threat of structural collapse. Anyways, this building is simple: it is a volume that suggestively tapers to a point. It features wide-open living area flanked by catwalks and wide floor-to-ceiling windows. Some things line up and create volumes. Other things are symmetrical. There’s a wooden floor on the exterior that implies space. That’s nice. Simple but over-used ideas.

What I also wanted to talk about is import of real buildings into the Minecraft setting. Architects would usually frown at the “dumbing down” of all the work and design into something that is much more simple. They may even make the case that it’s not real architecture because you’re just copying a design brick for brick, block for block.

However, that’s not necessarily true; when you import into Minecraft, the building is essentially undergoing a massive pixelating transformation. While simplifying the building is easy, it is difficult to maintain the original intentions of the design. It takes skill to analyze the original building and reproduce the implied volumes, masses, and feeling of the space.

Keep it up!

Mending Wall - info

Height: 8 blocks
Width: 12+ blocks
Length: 33 blocks
Accommodations: Bed/Workbench/Furnace/Storage/Enchanting

As always, message me if you have questions or want more specific details.

Also, -other work

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