'Villa Amanzi' - by Original Vision

People must’ve seen this somewhere before. This is called the Villa Amanzi, designed by a company called Original Vision. Located in Phuket [P-HOO-ket], Thailand, it’s supposed to be an expansive mansion that houses a good number of people. It supposedly boasts a beautiful view of the beautiful Andaman Sea from all possible vantage points. Strange, though, since there’s a cliff next to it and so many trees, but I’ll take their word for it.

There isn’t much to speak of; it’s merely there to invoke beauty. White and clean, it is reminiscent of van der Rohe’s Farnsworth House, comprising mainly of horizontal planes. The vertical supports are thin or out of the way, serving to convey the feeling of weightlessness. Lucky for the Villa Amanzi, it is hanging over the side of a cliff, so that feeling is much amplified. Ironically, the Villa is also “rooted” to the cliffside; the ‘left’ side of the building basically extends until it reaches a cliff. The result is a mixture of space and air, created through solid, strong means; it’s a perfect mixture for a relaxing inhabitant, who has the space and freedom, yet needs the reassurance of safety.

Since this converted house is only designed with one or two inhabitants in mind, it is much smaller than it actually is. The mountain serves to conceal a storage area; since that is inside the mountain, whatever it looks like is irrelevant. There is an entire bottom level (visible in the original) missing from the current plans; if anyone approaches me with a request for three or more bedrooms, I will gladly rework something!

Height: 11.5+ blocks
Width: 20+ blocks
Length: 21 blocks
Accommodations: Bed/Workbench/Furnace/Storage/Enchanting

As always, message me if you have questions or want more specific details.

Also, -other work

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